Families From Baie Sainte-Marie, Digby Co., Nova Scotia

“A Genealogy Starter Outline”
Baie Sainte-Marie, Digby Co., Nova Scotia, Canada

Please Read the Following:

A few months ago my system suffered a fatal hard drive failure. I lost my “primary” database with over 30,000 linked individuals. Since then I have been working from several “old” databases I had and some 10,000 pages of material I had printed from my own database over the years, reinputting and attempting to avoid duplicate entries and reverifying my latest updated sources.

The following families are in a very basic format with few notes left in. My mandate here is simple. I am asked at least once a week “How do I get started ? ” Many of the people asking know that their family have ties to those in the Baie Sainte-Marie area of Digby Co., Nova Scotia and in the Pubnico, Yarmouth Co., Nova Scotia area. Here I’m basically only trying to bridge the link between the first arrival of the specific family...from the first place of arrival to the Baie Sainte-Marie area...and as I imput additional data...to the Pubnico area.

Not all children are indicated AND it is certain that there are omissions AND errors, this is unavoidable. NO publication...regardless of the author or “original” records are without errors...this is a fact of research which is to be accepted and dealt with on an individual basis.

I have indicated locations where they were from where possible so the appropriate “original” records can be verified. When Port Royal is indicated it can mean a location on the Annapolis River up from Port Royal itself...not necessarily the settlement of Port Royal itself... IE various settlements along the Annapolis River. Also I have taken the liberty of indicating Digby Co. as a county even if it may well still have been part of Annapolis Co., at the time of the incident being recorded. Another point to keep in mind when reading some of the old records...there may be some instances where the date of death may actually be the date of the burial.

The spelling of the family names may vary... IE Terriot for Theriault, etc. The break and change of spelling is depended from which records they were taken and the change may not always coincide with someone else’s period of name spelling change. Some names such as the ancient Mius can be found in records as recent as 1880 in the Baie-Sainte-Marie (see Salmon River and Bear River records) and Prince Edward Island (see Cheticamp records) records.

One last item. I have not used the french characters in spelling the individuals names simply because my old databases and my present system conflict so therefore I had to make a decision...

I will be updating the families as I input additional information into my new database (you're gonna have to suffer through this along with me :) )...therefore keep checking for updates.

The following are in a RTF format which can be read and used with most word processor including Note Pad. I hope this will be of some help to those just beginning their genealogical research...

DISCLAIMER: I do not accept responsibility as to the accuracy of the information provided herein. I have left my sources out intentionally as I would prefer that the following be used as a “guide” only and not as a “verified” source. Once I have my database back to a reasonable state and I’m more confident that my source conflicts have been rectified and verified I will include them.

PLEASE NOTE: The following links will NOT be available until such time that my primary database is re establshed and ALL sources verified. I would like to thank all of those who have send me all those emails...it has been very much appreciated...thank you...Lloyd

Geddry (Jeddry)