The Lone Ranger and Silver

It was a hot day and the Lone Ranger decided to stop at a bar in town and have a few. As he was enjoying his cold one a cowboy walked in and asked who owned the white horse outside.

"I do"...the Lone Ranger replied.

" better go check on him...he just collapsed from the heat..." the cowboy said.

So the Lone Ranger went out to check and sure enough...there was Silver on the ground...panting from the heat. He started to fan Silver and it seemed to help...but he wanted to go in and finish his drink so he called Tonto over.

"Listen..." he said to Tonto..."I want you to run around Silver to create a breeze to cool him off..."

The Lone Ranger went back into the bar and a few minutes later another cowboy walked in and asked..."Who owns that white horse outside ?"

Lone Ranger said..."I he alright...?"

"Oh ya...he's fine"... said the cowboy..." but you left your injun running..."