Articles by Father Clarence d'Entremont

The following is a collection of articles written by Father Clarence d’Entremont
for the Yarmouth Vanguard in 1989 and 1990.

1. The Pubnicos: Oldest Region Still Acadian
2. The Hills at Argyle Head
3. His Father Was His Uncle
4. Port Lomeron or Chebogue
5. Hanging of Two Acadians and Three Indians in Boston
6. Hush-Hush Money
7. Widow at 13, Millionaire at 34
8. He Sawed Off a Leg of One of His Men But They Pickled His Head
9. Wedgeport A Hundred Years Ago and Beyond
10. Baptiste, the Rascal
11. Baptiste Was Said to Have a Wife in Every Port
12. She Presided Over Councils of War Against Her Kindred
13. Napoleon Bucksaw
14. The "Casket" Woman
15. He Jumped Bail
16. They Cut Off the Finger That Tipped the Scale and Some More
17. They Tied Themselves to the Mast and Steering Wheel So Not to Be Washed Overboard
18. Wilson Island
19. Witchcraft, Sorcerers and Spells
20. Were the Vikings Here ?
21. The First "Canadian" Child With "European" Blood Outside Newfoundland Was Born At Our Doorstep
22. First Nun in North America Was Born at Our Doorstep
23. The Wrayton-MacDonnell Family: Its Tragedies and Wealth
24. She Was Forced to Watch Him Hang 40 of Her Men With a Lasso Around Her Neck
25. A Confession By Proxy
26. He Prayed and His Life Was Spared
27. The Acadian Participation in the War of Independence of the U.S.
28. They Intended to Make Nova Scotia the 14th State of the Union
29. It's the Best Gang of Greenies I've Ever Seen
30. The Bridge Spanning Indian Sluice
31. The First Expulsion of the Acadians
32. The Second Expulsion of the Acadians
33. The Third Expulsion of the Acadians
34. The Return From Exile in 1766 of Some of the Acadians of Yarmouth County
35. The Log Cabins of West Pubnico
36. Two Acadian Martyrs
37. French People Who Settled in Yarmouth County During the French Revolution (1789) and the Napoleon Wars
38. French People Who Settled in Digby County During the French Revolution and Napoleon Wars
39. The First Canadian to Become an American Citizen
40. The Golden Age of the Old Time Acadians
41. The 25th Anniversary of the Acadian Flag
42. The Old Shelburne Road
43. Fort Saint Louis
44. 465th Anniversary of the Name "Acadie"
45. Sentenced to Be Hanged as a Pirate, He Died a Gentleman, Respected by Friends and Neighbours
46. The Rise and Fall of Louis A. Surette
47. The "French Cross" at Morden, N.S
48. Sentenced To Be Whipped With the Cat-o-Nine-Tails
49. Capt. Pierre Doucet, Esq. (1750-1792)
50. Amable Doucet, Esq. (1737-1806)
51. The First Christmas in North America
52. Ducking and Keel-Hauling
53. The Vow of the Mariners
54. The Escape of Francois L. Bourneuf
55. Pubnico is Something to Brag About
56. The Seizure of "The Pembrook" By the Acadians
57. Marie Babin of Surette's Island Was Not the Last of the Deported
58. The Story of the Acadian Bells: Those of Port Royal
59. The Story of the Acadian Bells: Those of Fortress Louisbourg
60. The Story of the Acadian Bells: The Others of Cape Breton
61. The Story of the Acadian Bells: Those of Minas and the Isthmus of Chignecto
62. The Story of the Acadian Bells: Those of Prince Edward Island
63. The Story of the Acadian Bells: Those on the Saint John River, N.B.
64. The Story of the Acadian Bells: Those on the Saint John River, N.B.
65. The Story of the Acadian Bells: in Pubnico
66. The Sinking of the "Duke William" and of the "Violet" Taking the Acadians into Exile
67. Holy Week A Couple Of Generations Ago
68. The Conflagration of 1820 in Clare
69. Vengeance of the Micmacs Mocked in Their Religious Beliefs
70. Came to Canada to Find its Longitude; Went to South America and Discovered that the World is Flat
71. The Escape of the Acadians From Fort Lawrence at the Time of the Expulsion
72. The Escape of the Acadians From Fort Beausejour at the Time of the Expulsion
73. The First Mass in Canada Celebrated on the South Shore of Nova Scotia
74. Jean Campagna, the Sorcerer
75. Variations in French Family Names in South West Nova Scotia
76. The Big Storms of the Centuries in South-Western Nova Scotia
77. The Adventure of Benoni d'Entremont With the "Bonaventure"
78. Simon "Squire" d'Entremont
79. An Account of the Flight of the Acadians at the Time of the Expulsion
80. The Wreck of the "Tibel"
81. Pubnico Natal Day - July 17
82. Cape Sable Might Have Been the See of the First Canadian Bishop
83. “The ‘Klondike"
84. The Railroad Era
85. The Acadian Symbols
86. A Voyage to Nova Scotia Made in 1731 By Robert Hale of Beverley
87. Restrictions and Penalties in Days of Yore
88. My First Entrance to College
89. Hidden Treasures in Tusket Islands
90. A Father Assails His Son in Combat
91. Was to Be Sent Back to Nova Scotia From Exile
92. Dropping the King's Name for Shame
93. An Encounter With a German U-Boat off Our Shores
94. Betrayed in His Love, He Died of a Broken Heart
95. The Acadians at Horse-Shoe Cove Prior to the Expulsion
96. The Ghost Ship "Yarmouth"
97. Lobster Bay: Its Place Names of Yesteryear
98. Place Names in West Pubnico Region
99. The Place Names of Quinan
100. 100th Anniversary of St. Peter's Church in West Pubnico