My Little Acadian Girl

The following are but the humble words of a simple Acadian boy...

The castle walls may crumble and the bastille might fall
But without love in our lives none of it matters at all
Our kingdom may be mighty with it's boundaries far apart
Yet we are still a poor man without love in our heart...

The river continues to flow in it's magnificent wonder
But it's beauty would be lost if we lived our lives without one another
The beautiful memories we've made have become like precious gold
For you are the only one I love and it's only you I long to hold...

If life was a garden and only one seed I could sow
I would plant a delicate flower to remind me of a precious gem I know
I would tenderly care for it with all the powers I have in this world
Knowing that even then it would never be as my little Acadian girl...

And as it would blossom and it's colours it would show
It would remind me of those days that I deeply missed you so
But with gentle loving care it's petals would slowing begin to unfurl
And I would close my eyes and softly little Acadian girl...

Lost in the emptiness of my soul my thoughts are with you
Images of happy times...the laughter and the love we both knew
So many obstacles to pass as I look towards the winter of my life
And with all the good and the bad I thank God you said..."I will be your wife"...