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"La Baie Sainte-Marie" and Clare - "La Ville Française"

Map of la Baie Sainte-Marie
On it's shore is Clare which takes from New Edinburgh to Salmon River..
"Le Bas-de-la-Rivière" à "Rivière-aux-Saumons"

Exactly where and what is "Clare" ?

Most people outside the region are not familiar with this Acadian part of the world...or at least with the name as it is not specifically indicated on maps. I'm often asked to explain it's location and it's this that actually prompted me into setting up this entire web site.

Let's go back a bit in time to 1767. Some of the Acadians were returning back to their "Acadie" from exile...those who had managed to survive in the wilderness had emerged and all were still in a state of confusion and guarded trust. On their return they quickly realized that their homes and the farmlands that they had cleared and cultivated for generations had been taken by English settlers and they had no option but to began all over again.

During this heart breaking process of rebuilding what was left of their lives...they were informed that they could resettle in some of the areas which they had originated from if they chose. Some elected to do this... for example the inhabitants of Pubnico who returned to the Cap de Sable area at which point they had to begin again in unoccupied sections of West and East Pubnico...Amirault's Hill...Eel Brook ...Argyle...and so on.

However a group decided to go and settle a new area by a bay which in 1604 was given the name "Baie Sainte-Marie" by Pierre du Gast, Sieur de Monts...and is indicated on maps and charts as St. Mary's Bay.

In July 1768 John Morrison was given the task to survey the area along la Baie Sainte-Marie, from about the Sissiboo River in Weymouth which was then part of Annapolis county to about the Yarmouth county line. This was the birth of Clare.

In 1769 Michael Frankland...the Governor of Nova Scotia... named this area along la Baie Sainte-Marie... "Clare"... in honour or remembrance of that county in Ireland which bears the same name. The original Acadian settlers to the area... especially those along the bay... never totally accepted this name and referred to it often simply as "la Ville Française" ... or as the English would call it and often still do...."the French Shore".

Clare is a recreational wonderland for the outdoors person. The bay provides all that is required for the deep sea fishermen and with it's coves and easy access beaches...those who enjoy the underwater world can try their luck at seeing anything from lobsters to whales who occasionally visit the interior of the bay from their stomping grounds off Brier Island. With countless lakes and interconnecting rivers and streams it is possible to trek for days...even weeks and never cover the same area twice on the same run.

With it's lakes and rivers closely linked it's possible to paddle from one system to another and using the ancient waterways...enter the Tusket River and come out at the mouth of the Tusket River in Yarmouth County where fresh water meets the salty Atlantic Ocean...part of our ancestral grandparents's Cap de Sable area...commonly referred to now as par-en-bas. Here you will...without a doubt...meet some of your distant relatives...the Amiraults from near by Amirault's Hill...the Surettes...the Muises....d'Entremonts...d'Eons...Pothiers...and many more with familiar names as are found par-en-haut at la Baie Sainte-Marie.

From St.-Bernard on the main highway...bordered by New Edinburgh on the bay side and Ohio on the inland side to Salmon River at the Yarmouth county line Clare has often been referred to as the longest street in the world.

I will begin this area with basic information and images of the various villages and locations...then hopefully continue by adding the historical aspects for each locations...therefore this area will be updated continuously...

Some of the villages which make up our beautiful Baie Sainte-Marie and Clare...

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New Edinburgh - "Le-Bas-de-la-Rivière"
Belliveau Cove - "l'Anse-des-Belliveau"
Major's Point - "Pointe-à-Major"
Church Point - "Pointe-de-l'Église"
Little Brook - "Petit Ruisseau"
Meteghan River - "La Butte"
Meteghan Center - "La Pointe-Noire"
St. Alphonse de Clare - "Cheticamp"
Mavilette Beach
Cape St. Mary - "Cap Sainte-Marie"
Salmon River - "Rivière-aux-Saumons"


St.-Martin de Clare

Special words of gratitude: This page would not be possible without the kind assistance of photographer and long time friend...Dianne Comeau of Clare. Her talent and natural ability to capture the real essence of our beautiful Baie Sainte-Marie and Clare is clearly demonstrated in her images. All the photos in this area were taken by Dianne unless otherwise noted...thank you "sunshine"...Lloyd

Photo by Linda Comeau-d'Entremont

The photographer gets photographed...
Dianne enjoying her favorite lake...