The village of Mavilette is the entrance to Cap Sainte-Marie and Mavilette Beach.

I cannot confirm the source for the name Mavilette so I can only repeat the theories that have been told to me. One is that years ago there was a ship wreck on the coast and one of the victims was a Lord by the name of Mavilette. He was apparently buried on the shore of the village and as a result the location became his namesake. Another theory...which is a pet one of a linguist that “villette” signifies a small town or village... and as “ma” means “my”...that Mavilette simply stands for “my little village”...and who am I to argue...

Going through the old records and government documents you will notice that the village is indicated as “Cape Cove Corner”...again this seems to be a situation where the local Acadians never took to it’s English name and the name Mavilette is now the accepted designation for their home.