Candle's Dying Flame

I would dream that one day she would walk holding my rose to her breast
For her...happiness was always my one and only quest
Our heads would have laid together on a soft pillow of morning dew
If only she had seen that my love was also sincere and true...

In the solitude of the darkness her gentle touch I would feel
Moments together...precious time we would steal
A million heart beats between us are gone like the candle's dying flame
And with the flame's last glow enters love's eternal pain...

The enchanted forest would have embraced us in it's gentle ways
And with the river's song we would have been one for life's everlasting days
At the cabin we would have listened together as the beautiful robin sings
And we would have finally been together...both wearing golden wedding rings...

But now with the echo of the silence her voice I no longer hear
Her gentle touch is gone forever as she is no longer near
And as with the autumn leaf's last flight as it falls to the ground
I gently kissed the only true love I had ever found...