The Last Run

The black clouds of hell raced in a never ending row
As we ran that raging river a mile or so below
Her warnings we didn't heed and our lives she wished to take
As we hit the lurkers...trying to survive our fatal mistake...

Her cold hands grabbing at our souls which were within her reach prevent that deadly breach
A rogue wave hits to the left...our knees go up to the right
All praying that we will survive this God forsaken night...

Lady destiny threw the dice and one of us lost the roll
Watching helplessly our friend...heaven gained another soul
The game of chance many play for profit and for fun
But why do you make us pay with our lives on a harmless river run...

At times like these we say we will never run again
As we bow our heads and say good bye to our river running friend
But the river's call haunts us like a mistress in the night
And we always return to her never judging...if it's wrong or if it's right...