In Memory of my Mom

In my slumber she still returns...a mother’s song she sings
In my heart she still lives...a mother’s love she brings
A young boy’s world which suddenly came tumbling down
Lost forever was a mother’s love and emptiness a young child found...

Her soft voice I still hear...and the children story she would tell
Peaceful sleep I would find as she would sing...“Partont la Mer est Bell”
I shed no tear on that faithful night the angels took her away
For as a child I beleived she would return some far and distant day...

Alas I have grown and a child’s dream no longer lives within my heart
But a son’s love for his mom does not fade even if they are apart
For I know I will hear once more the children story she would tell
And again hear her soft voice as she sings for me...”Partont la Mer est Bell”...

For you mom...

Willie à Cyriac à David à Paul Lombard and his family
in Little Brook, Digby Co., Nova Scotia - ca. 1925

Back Row (L-R) - Alma d'Entremont-Lombard (Grandpere's 1st wife) and Willie Lombard (Grandpere)
Middle Row (L-R) - Emile...Nelson
Front Row (L-R) Emilia (my mom)...Joe (that's a dress)...Edna

Mom at the beach with her little "papoose" (center)...

Mom...June 1941

Mon and dad in Pettawawa, Ontario...1944

Emilia Lombard-d' mom

Mom was born on Valentine's Day, 14 February 1918
and passed away 20 September 1957 at the age of 39 from MS...
I was 9 years old at the time...