Have a Nice Day

I was driving back to Halifax from Clare a few years ago and as I was going through the valley a RCMP highway patrol came up behind me. I didn’t notice him there and as I was speeding at the time he turned his lights and gave his siren a quick shot.

With the radio blasting a bit I never heard the siren so he hit it a couple more times.

When I finally noticed him I pulled over and the officer walked over with a bit of an aggravated look on his face

He said... “Didn’t you see or hear me trying to get you to pull over ?”

I said I hadn’t.

He said... “You were speeding and you refused to pull over...but I’m going off shift and I really don’t feel like doing anymore paper work today...so if you can think of ONE good reason for not pulling over when I indicated you to...I’ll let you off."

I couldn’t afford either the lost points or the find so I said...”A week ago my wife ran off with a RCMP officer...and I thought you were him trying to return her...”

He said... “Have a nice day...” and walked away...