First Generation

1. Philippe I MIUS d'ENTREMONT, Source. 
Born on 14 Nov 1601-1607 possibly in Normandy, France.  Philippe Mius died on 14 Nov 1700, he was 99 depending on his actual DOB.

Philippe I married Madeleine HELIE about 1648 in France.  Madeleine was born in 1626 in France.

They had the following children:
2 i. Marie Maguerite (~1649-)
3 ii. Jacques I (1654-1736)
4 iii. Abraham (1658-1702)
5 iv. Philippe II (1660-)
6 v. Madeleine (~1669-)

Photo by Lloyd d'Entremont

This is a view of what is referred to as the Digby Gut...or simply the "Gut". It is through this narrow opening that de Monts...Champlain...LaTour...d'Aulnay...Denys and Philippe Mius d'Entremont sailed in to get to Port Royal. It is through this tiny pass that Francoise Marie Jacquelin...Jeanne Motin and so many of our ancestral grand parents who were the beginning of our culture...the Acadians saw when they first arrived...and the last land mass of their beloved Port Royal they saw as they were taken away.

To the left is the Town of Digby...known in the past as Conway. To the right is the Annapolis Basin where at it's end was Port Royal. In the back ground and on the left is the beginning of the land mass which creates "la Baie Sainte-Marie"...and to the right is the southern end of the North Mountain range which continue and ends at Blomidon by Grand-Pre.

The above is a copy of the 1671 census which list Philippe Mius d'Entremont.

The above documents are scanned copies of several originals which were provided to me by a friend from France. They indicate the various method Muss...Mius...etc was spelled going back several hundred years. The name Muss is quite common in Belgium and a friend from there has also been providing me with original manuscripts in an attempt to qualify the source of some unique words used only in the area of Pubnico or "par-en-bas"...and no other place in North America where french is spoken. The source location for these words are Belgium...Switzerland and at present Northern France. The only location where "all" three words are used is in Northern France and Pubnico the best of my knowledge at least...and also as far as a linguist friend from Europe knows. Belgium uses two of these words...Switzerland one...therefore the search continues...


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