Third Generation (Continued)

Family of Philippe II MIUS d'ENTREMONT dit d'Azit (5) & a MicMac who's name is unknown

28. Joseph I MIUS dit d'Azit, Grandson. 
Born in 1674,  Joseph I died in Port Royal, Nova Scotia on 13 Dec 1729, he was 55.  He was buried on 14 Dec 1729 in Port Royal, Nova Scotia.

It appears Type D Niemann-Pick has only been found in the French Canadian (Acadian ?) population of Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia and is now thought to be a variant of Type C. Geneological research indicates that Joseph Muise (c. 1679 - 1729) and Marie Amirault (1684 - c. 1735) are common ancestors to all Type D cases. This couple are the most likely origin for the Type D variant. It does appear strange that it would be limited to Yarmouth County....and I beleive this is a generalization in location.

Joseph MIUS dit d'Azit was the only son of Philippe MIUS d'ENTREMONT dit d'Azit to be raised within the white community as a metis and most present day MUISE are from this union. Joseph died at the age of 55 as per the records of Port Royal. After the deportation many of his decendants settled in Yarmouth county.

In 1699 when Joseph I was 25, he married Marie Jeanne AMIRAULT, daughter of Francois I AMIRAULT dit Tourangeau (1664-) & Marie PITRE, in Port Royal.  Marie Jeanne was born in 1684 in Port Royal, Nova Scotia.

They had the following children:
71 i. Joseph II (1700-1765)
72 ii. Charles Amand I (1701-<1799)
73 iii. Francois I (1703-)
74 iv. Angelique (1704-1738)
75 v. Marie Josephe (1706-1757)
76 vi. Clair (1709-~1760)
77 vii. Marie Madeleine (1710-)
78 viii. Jean Baptiste I (1713-1806)
79 ix. Marguerite (1715-)
80 x. Cecile (1717-1751)
81 xi. Genevieve (1719-)
82 xii. Dominique (1722-)
83 xiii. Rosalie (1725-)
84 xiv. Charles Benjamin (1728-~1756)

29. Marie MIUS (MIEUSSE), Granddaughter. 
Born in 1680.
In 1696 when Marie was 16, she married Francois I VIGER.   Francois was born in 1662.

30. Mathieu MIUS (MIEUX), Grandson. 
Born in 1682, he was twin to Maurice. Mathieu married Marie Madeleine a MicMac.

31. Maurice MIUS (MIEUSSE), Grandson. 
Born in 1682, he was twin to Mathieu

32. Francoise MIUS, Granddaughter.
About 1700 Francoise married Jacques BONNEVIE aka BEAUMONT.

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