Fourth Generation (Continued)

Family of Marie Josephte MIUS d'ENTREMONT (25) & Rene I LANDRY

69. Marguerite LANDRY, G Granddaughter.

Marguerite LANDRY, widow of Jacques III MIUS d'ENTREMONT, was at Cherbourg, France, in 1767, with their two sons. She is, however, listed on the passenger list of the La Ville d'Archangel, a large 600 ton ship, which left St. Malo, France on August 12, 1785 for Louisiana. Upon reaching Balize, an outpost at the mouth of the Mississippi River, it ran aground on November 4. This, and the fact
that they had already run out of food, caused a number of passengers to get sick. Finally the ship made it to New Orleans (after 113 days at sea) on December 3, 1785. There are marginal notes that say that the family didn't embark at St. Malo, but did embark at Nantes.

On 23 Jul 1753 Marguerite married Jacques III MIUS d'ENTREMONT (42) , G Grandson, son of Jacques II MIUS d'ENTREMONT (9) (~1679-1759) & Marguerite AMIRAULT (1704-), in Port Royal, Nova Scotia. Born in 1729. Jacques III died in Cherbourg, France abt 1760, he was 31.

They had the following children:
85 i. Jacques IV (1755-1819)
86 ii. Abraham (1758-)

70. Rene II LANDRY, G Grandson. 
Born in 1728.

On 23 Jul 1753 when Rene II was 25, he married Marie (Josephe ?) d'ENTREMONT (43) , G Granddaughter, daughter of Jacques II MIUS d'ENTREMONT (9) (~1679-1759) & Marguerite AMIRAULT (1704-), in Cap Sable.  Marie (Josephe ?) was born in 1730.

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