Fifth Generation (Continued)

Family of Benoni d'ENTREMONT (48) & Anne Marguerite POTHIER

104. Marie d'ENTREMONT, GG Granddaughter. 
Born about 1788.

On 30 Jul 1810 when Marie was 22, she married Joseph II LeBLANC, son of Joseph I LeBLANC (~1754-1812) & Marie Marguerite AMIRAULT.  Joseph II was born in East Pubnico.

They had one child:
289 i. Pierre

105. Simon d'ENTREMONT dit Simon Square, GG Grandson. 
Born on 28 Nov 1788 in West Pubnico, Yarmouth Co., NS and lived in Upper East Pubnico, Yarmouth Co., Nova Scotia. Simon died in East Pubnico, Yarmouth Co. Nova Scotia on 6 Sep 1886 and was buried on 10 Sep 1886 in the cemetery of the Immaculate Conception Church in East Pubnico, Yarmouth Co. Nova Scotia. He was 97. 

Above is a picture of Simon d'ENTREMONT dit "Simon Square".

By Pere Clarence d'Entremont

Benoni d'Entremont had a son whose name is well known in our annals for having been the first Acadian to sit on the Nova Scotia Parliament, having been also the reason why what was called the "Big Oath" that the members of the Assembly had to take was suppressed. He was Simon d'Entremont.

He was born in West Pubnico, Nov 28, 1788. His mother was Anne Margureite Pothier from Wedgeport. Having recieved from his father, a large track [sic] of land in East Pubnico, this is where he established himself, his house being, at the time, one of the first to be erected at the beginning of the French section of the village in Upper East Pubnico.

Having had but a scanty formal education, he studied by himself, and he could speak and read French, English, Latin and MicMac; he could say the "Our Father" in these four languages. After becoming a Justice of the Peace in 1838, he was always known among the French people as "Simon Square", sic for "Squire" (Simon pronounced in French).

uly 30. 1810, he married Elizabeth Larkin, daughter of John Larkin and of Marie Belliveau. She died February 16, 1830, while giving birth to her ninth child. The following year, Simon married Elizabeth Thériault of Meteghan, daughter of Charles Thériault, dit "Lescate", and of Natalie Melanson, who also gave him nine children. Simon must have been a witty man, according to what we read in one of his biographies; being close to his 100 year of age, a woman who was visiting him asked him how namy children he had had; he answered: "Eighteen..and if I had had the right woman I could have doubled that number."

He was to be very active in the civic affairs of Yarmouth County just like his father. In 1836, what is now Yarmouth County was separated from Shelburne County and the right to elect its own Representative at the Legislature of Halifax was granted to the district of Argyle. Simon decided to put his candidacy against Thomas Willett of Argyle. He won by a margin of 63 votes, which was enough at the time not to require a recount. At that same provincial election, another Acadian was elected, namely Frederic Robichaud, for what was the County of Annapolis, both being the first Acadians ever to be elected in Canada to any Parliament. But when the Chambers convened in Halifax, Robichaud was sick; that is why Simon d'Entremont is considered to have been the first Acadian to have ever taken his seat in a Legislature, that which took place January 31 of the following year. Robichaud took his seat over three weeks later, January 25.

When Simon d'Entremont was asked before taking his seat to take the "Big Oath", which had been published in 1788, in the reign of King George II, he looked at it and when he saw that he would have to swear that he did not believe in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and that the veneration of Saints is pure superstition, he handed back the document, saying: "I would rather swallow a dog-fish tail first than swear to that." A dog-fish, as you might know, would be impossible to swallow on account of its sharp, hard fins pointing towards the tail.

When he was summoned in the name of the law to take the oath, little did the officer realize that his newcomer M.L.A. knew more about the law, probably, then he did himself. In fact, he know that the oath had been abolished eight years before by the British Parliament, even though members were still urged to take it. The matter was brought to the attention of the Lieutenant-Governor, who authorized that from now on, the only oath to be taken would be to be faithful to the laws of the land.

After taking this mitigated oath, Simon d'Entremont took his seat in the midst of the applauds of his colleagues, who had admired his courage and to the great satisfaction of the whole province for which he had won a great victory. Although, he represented his district but for one term, it was enough for him to be considered for the rest of his life, a symbol of religious liberties.

He died in East Pubnico, September 6, 1886, in his 98th year. Father MacLeod recorded in the church registers, his funeral with these words: "Interned Sept. 10. 1886, Simon d'Entremont with all the rites of the Church he served so well. He was the first Roman Catholic member sent to the Provincial House of Assembly. He absolutely refused to take the oath against his Holy Religion. His friend, the Hon. Joseph Howe, dispensed him from taking it. Mr. Howe, the last time he visited the County of Yarmouth, paid him a visit, and passed a night at his home. - W. MacLeod".

His remains rest in the Catholic cemetery of the Immaculate Conception Church in East Pubnico. In 1967, the French people of the place, to mark the Two Hundredth Anniversary of the foundation of their village and the Centennial of the Confederation, erected on his tomb a magnificent stone with the following French inscription, which I translate: "SIMON d'ENTREMONT -1788-1886--1836: First Deputy elected to the Legislature of Nova Scotia by the Township of Argyle--1837; First Acadian to sit in the Chamber--Refused to take the heretical Oath of Allegiance--'I would rather swallow a dog-fish tail first."

Simon d'Entremont still has many great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren in East Pubnico and elsewhere.

On 30 Jul 1810 when Simon was 21, he first married Marie Elizabeth LARKIN, daughter of Jean LARKIN (~1761-1826) & Marie BELLIVEAU (~1756-1831).  Marie Elizabeth wa born about 1791,  and died on 16 Feb 1830, most likely from complications arising from the birth of their daughter, Rosalie Leonisse, she was 39.  She was buried on 17 Feb 1830 in St. Peter's church, West Pubnico, Yarmouth Co., Nova Scotia.

They had the following children:
290 i. Marie Anne (1813-)
291 ii. Simon (1815-)
292 iii. George David I (1818-)
293 iv. Pierre Tranquille (1820-)
294 v. Elizabeth (1827-)
295 vi. Rosalie Leonice (1830-)
296 vii. Marguerite
297 viii. Anonymous Girl # 1
298 ix. Anonymous Girl # 2

In 1811 when Simon was 22, he second married Elizabeth THERIAULT, daughter of Charles THERIAULT dit Lescate & Natalie MELANSON of Meteghan, Baie Ste-Marie.

They had the following children:
299 i. Damas (1832-)
300 ii. Charles Hilaire (1834-)
301 iii. Louis Modeste (1839-)
302 iv. Marie Jeanne (1842-)
303 v. Isabelle Anne (~1846-)
304 vi. Anne Natalie
305 vii. Virgine (or Virginie)
306 viii. Catherine
307 ix. Joseph Simon

106. Joseph Josue d'ENTREMONT, GG Grandson. 
Born in 1785. Joseph Josue died in West Pubnico, Yarmouth Co., Nova Scotia on 20 Apr 1870, and is buried in "Old Cemetery" at West Pubnico, Yarmouth Co. NS. He was 85. 

Photo by Norma Arsenault-Doucette

The photo above is of Joseph Josue's headstone which is located in the "Old Cemetery" in West Pubnico.

On 22 Nov 1812 when Joseph Josue was 27, he married Marie Natalie LeBLANC, daughter of Joseph I LeBLANC (~1754-1812) & Marie Marguerite AMIRAULT. Records indicate that Marie Natalie was a minor when she married.

They had the following children:
308 i. Francois (1817-)
309 ii. Louis Barthelemy (1825-)
310 iii. Elizabeth (Rosalie ?) (1827-)
311 iv. Marc (1830-)
312 v. Petronelle (1832-)
313 vi. Alexandre Gatien (1835-)
314 vii. Philippe
315 viii. Rosalie (Elizabeth ?)
316 ix. Marie Anne

107. Anne d'ENTREMONT, GG Granddaughter. 
Born on 25 Dec 1795 in Pubnico, Yarmouth Co., Nova Scotia.  Anne was baptized on 21 Jul 1799 at the age of 3. Anne had been privately baptisted by Ange AMIRAULT.

On 17 Oct 1815 when Anne was 19, she married Frederic LeBLANC, son of Joseph I LeBLANC (~1754-1812) & Marie Marguerite AMIRAULT, in Pubnico, Yarmouth, Co. Nova Scotia.

Fron the records it indicates that Frederic was from St. Michael at the time of his daughter Anne's baptism.

They had the following children:
317 i. Alexandre (1830-)
318 ii. Anne (1832-)
319 iii. Catherine (1835-)
320 iv. Joseph

108. Jean d'ENTREMONT dit Jean Square, GG Grandson. 
Born on 12 Feb 1798 or 23 Feb 1799,  Jean was baptized on 20 Jul 1799. It's indicated at some location as Jean's DOB as 23 Feb 1799.

On 16 Nov 1824 when Jean was 26, he married Jeanne LeBLANC, daughter of Joseph II LeBLANC & Marguerite BELLIVEAU (~1783-1808).  Jeanne was born on 23 Mar 1808. Jeanne had been privately baptisted by Ange AMIRAULT and she was married at the age of 16 years, and is listed as a minor in the records.

They had the following children:
321 i. Marguerite (1825-)
322 ii. Elizabeth (1827-)
323 iii. Anne Charlotte (1829-)
324 iv. Anne Catherine (1831-)
325 v. Hilaire (1834-)
326 vi. Anne Francoise (1842-1936)
327 vii. Josue Elie (1851-)
328 viii. Joseph Levi

109. Joseph Vincent d'ENTREMONT dit Squire, GG Grandson. 
Born on 16 Jun 1800,  and was baptized on 19 Jul 1801. Joseph Vincent had been privately baptisted by Anne SURETTE, wife of Dominique POTHIER and Joseph Vincent's grandmother.

On 16 Nov 1824 when Joseph Vincent was 24, he married Marie Madeleine AMIRAULT, daughter of Simon AMIRAULT dit Guerlot (1772-) & Anne Madeleine SURETTE.  Marie Madeleine was born on 17 Sep 1804 and was a minor when she married.

They had the following children:
329 i. Simon (1825-1880)
330 ii. Anne (1827-)
331 iii. Ambroise (~1828-)
332 iv. Isaie (1830-)
333 v. Jean Baptiste (1832-)
334 vi. Cyriaque (1840-1941)
335 vii. Rosalie

110. Mark Benoni d'ENTREMONT, GG Grandson. 
Born on 13 Oct 1804 in Pubnico, Yarmouth Co., Nova Scotia, and was on 3 Aug 1805  Mark Benoni died in Pubnico, Yarmouth Co., Nova Scotia on 11 Feb 1832, as a result of an accidental gunshot wound to the leg, which occured the 10 February 1832. He was buried on 13 Feb 1832 in St. Peter's Church cemetery in West Pubnico, Yarmouth Co. NS. He was 27. . 

111. Philippe d'ENTREMONT, GG Grandson.

On 17 Oct 1815 Philippe first married Marie Rosalie AMIRAULT, daughter of Cyriaque AMIRAULT (1767-) & Marie SURETTE (-<1832).  Marie Rosalie was born on 28 Sep 1796 and had been privately baptisted by Ange AMIRAULT.  She died on 16 Oct 1816 and was buried on 18 Oct 1816. She was 20. .

On 22 Oct 1827 Philippe second married Genevieve SURETTE, daughter of Pierre IV SURETTE & Marguerite AMIRAULT (-<1827).

They had the following children:
336 i. Anne Marguerite (1828-)
337 ii. Marie Julie (1829-1926)
338 iii. Pierre (1831-)
339 iv. Louis Philippe (1833-)
340 v. Elizabeth (1834-)

112. Marguerite d'ENTREMONT, GG Granddaughter.

On 3 Feb 1806 Marguerite married Louis AMIRAULT, son of Ange AMIRAULT (~1736-1834) & Natalie BELLIVEAU (-<1834).  Louis was born in 1779.

Louis may be son of Jean and Marie Anne Pothier. Louis AMIRAULT and Marguerite d'ENTREMONT are indicated as being from Pombcoup in the birth records of their son Joseph Josue.

They had the following children:
341 i. Philippe (1807-)
342 ii. Joseph Josue (1810-)
343 iii. Andre (1813-)
344 iv. Marie (1815-)
345 v. Rosalie (1817-)
346 vi. Louis Remi (1825-)
347 vii. Jean (1828-)
348 viii. Justinien (1830-)
349 ix. Vital Leon (1832-)
350 x. Anne Catherine (1833-)
351 xi. Ambroise

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