Sixth Generation (Continued)

Family of Marguerite d'ENTREMONT (94) & Charles Amand POTHIER

238. Euphrosine POTHIER, GGG Granddaughter.
Born after 1800.

On 7 Jan 1818 Euphrosine married Benjamin LeBLANC, son of Joseph I LeBLANC (~1754-1812) & Marie Marguerite AMIRAULT. In the marriage records, Euphrosine is indicated as a minor on the day of her wedding.

In the baptism records of his daughter Madeleine, b. 7 Aug 1832, Benjamin LeBLANC is indicated as being from St. Michael. (Tusket/Argyle area)

They had the following children:
565 i. Jean Bruno (1819-)
566 ii. Elizabeth Laurence (1826-)
567 iii. Jean Mande (1828-)
568 iv. Liboire (1830-)
569 v. Madeleine (1832-1836)
570 vi. Remi Vital (1834-)

239. Anselme POTHIER, GGG Grandson.

On 23 Oct 1815 Anselme married Marguerite DUON, daughter of Augustin DUON & Natalie AMIRAULT (~1777-1835), at "par-en-bas", Nova Scotia. Marguerite was born after 1797 as she is indicated in the marriage records as being a minor the day she was married.

240. Jean Baptiste POTHIER, GGG Grandson.

On 22 Oct 1827 Jean Baptiste married Marie Anne d'ENTREMONT (262) , GGG Granddaughter, daughter of Jacques d'ENTREMONT (99) & Angelique BOURQUE.  Marie Anne was born on 5 Mar 1805 and had been privately baptisted by Ange AMIRAULT.

241. Genevieve POTHIER, GGG Granddaughter.
Born after 1788.

On 5 Aug 1806 Genevieve married Amable BABIN, son of Joseph I BABIN & Madeleine SURETTE.  Genevieve was a minor at the time of her marriage. In the marriage records of her daughter Marguerite to Charles THIBODEAU it indicates that Genevieve POTHIER, widow of Amable BABIN was from Ste. Anne. Amable was born about 1777.  He died on 15 Jan 1829 and was buried on 17 Jan 1829.

They had the following children:
571 i. Cyrille
572 ii. Margueite
573 iii. Arsene (~1811-1812)
574 iv. Catherine (1809-1810)

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