Sixth Generation (Continued)

Family of Charles Amand II MIUS (124) & Marie Josephe MIUS

382. Marguerite MIUS, GGG Granddaughter.

Marguerite married (first name unknown) MORRIS ?,  MORRIS died before Aug 1820.

Marguerite second married on 23 Dec 1817 Jean COURTOIS born at Calais, France and was the son of Jean Baptiste COURTOIS and Anne SENSON.

They had one child:
782 i. Ambrosie (1814-)

The window of Jean COURTOIS is recorded as having a son which she named Charles Amand MAURICE (MORRIS ?) born 5 Aug 1820, baptised 21 Jun 1826, father unknown.

383. Marie (Marguerite ?) MIUS, GGG Granddaughter. 
Born about 1778. In Sigogne's census of 1818-1823 and 1823-1829 Marie MIUS is called Marguerite.

On 18 Oct 1800 when Marie (Marguerite ?) was 22, she married Anselme I HATFIELD dit Sam, son of Samuel HATFIELD & Anne (last name unknown).  Anselme I was born about 1777 in New York and in his baptism records in listed as "negro". He was about 22 1/2 years old when he was baptisted the 12 Apr 1800.

They had the following children:
783 i. Francois (1801-)
784 ii. Genevieve (1802-)
785 iii. Anselme II (1804-)
786 iv. Charles (1806-)
787 v. Marguerite (1807-)
788 vi. Cyrille (1808-)
789 vii. Jean Baptiste (1809-)
790 viii. Piere Joseph (1811-)
791 ix. Hilaire (1812-<1829)
792 x. Cecile (1814-)

384. Claire MIUS, GGG Granddaughter. 
Born about 1775.

Claire had a son...Joseph QUOMINO born 15 Aug 1804 and bap (c) 26 Nov 1812..the sponsors being Jean BOURQUE, Hatfield's employer at time of baptism and Marie Elizabeth BELLIVAUX, wife of Basile BOURQUE. The reputed father was Anselme HATFIELD (negro) of Digby County...Clare actually.

On 18 Feb 1806 when Claire was 31, she married Jean Marie BLANCHARD,  born in Bayonne, France.

Jean Marie BLANCHARD and Claire may have lived in the area of Bellneck, Yarmouth Co., for a while anyway.

They had the following children:
793 i. Jean Baptiste Casimir (1807-)
794 ii. Firmin (1809-)
795 iii. Federic (1811-)
796 iv. Marie Anne (1813-)
797 v. Celeste (1814-)
798 vi. Marguerite (1824-)
799 vii. Charles Amand (1827-)
800 viii. Elizabeth (~1832-)

385. Charles Amand III MIUS, GGG Grandson. 
Born in 1780.

Charles Amand III married Barbe GUIBAULT, daughter of Jean GUILBAULT & Marie CLERMONT.

It appears that Charles Amand III had to marry in the Protestant faith as his wife, Barbe GUILBAULT, d/o of Jean GUILAULT and Marie CLERMONT was his second cousin. Marie CLERMONT, Barbe's monther was the d/o Paul CLERMONT and Marie Josephe MIUS, d/o Charles Amand I, Charles Amand III's grandfather. He lived for a time with his mother in the area of Clearwater Lake in Bellneck, Yarmouth Co., Nova Scotia prior to relocating to Baie Ste.-Marie (Clare) in what is today Digby Co., Nova Scotia.

386. Rosalie MIUS, GGG Granddaughter.

Rosalie first married Pierre MOULAISON (MELANSON).

They had the following children:
801 i. Anne Elizabeth (1814-)
802 ii. Frederic (1815-)
803 iii. Genevieve (1818-)
804 iv. Rsalie Henriette (1817-)

Rosalie second married Aubert Charles MONTIGNY.

387. Luce MIUS, GGG Granddaughter. 
Born about 1796.

On 26 Apr 1819 when Luce was 23, she married Jean Francois I d'AUTEUIL dit Doty ?, son of Pierre Francois d'AUTEUIL & Marie HARLEY. Luce MIUS and Jean Francois d'AUTEUIL settled in the region of Concession, Clare, Digby Co., Nova Scotia.

They had the following children:
805 i. Jean Francois II (1816-)
806 ii. Marie (1819-)
807 iii. Madeleine ? (1822-)
808 iv. Adelain ? (1822-)
809 v. Rosalie (1823-)
810 vi. Jean Baptiste (1825-)
811 vii. Marie Charlotte (1827-)
812 viii. Celestin(e) ? (1829-)

388. Amand ? MIUS, GGG Grandson.

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