Seventh Generation (Continued)

Family of Louis Philippe d'ENTREMONT dit Barrio (339) & Francoise BELLIVEAU dit La Blue

731. Antoine Norbert d'ENTREMONT dit Vinaigre, GGGG Grandson. 
Born on 15 Feb 1871.

Antoine Norbert married Laura Eliza d'ENTREMONT (953) , 5G Granddaughter, daughter of Ambroise Leger d'ENTREMONT (599) (1858-1932) & Marie Adesse DUON dit Gobbarge (1863-1952).

732. Louis Jeremie d'ENTREMONT dit Crutte, GGGG Grandson. 
Born on 15 Feb 1870.

Louis Jeremie married Christine Irene AMIRAULT, daughter of Mathurin AMIRAULT dit Matte Guerlot & Stephanie LeBLANC dit Fannie.

733. Jean Leander d'ENTREMONT dit Cornu, GGGG Grandson. 
Born on 24 Nov 1862.

Jean Leander married Marie Aimee ROBICHAUD, daughter of Maximin ROBICHAUD & Anne COTTREAU.  Marie Aimee was born on 31 Jul 1866,  and died on 25 Mar 1956, she was 89.

734. Charles Sylvestre d'ENTREMONT dit Bechi, GGGG Grandson. 
Born about 1874.

735. Marie Therese d'ENTREMONT dit Buck Chevre, GGGG Granddaughter. 
Born on 29 Jun 1868.

On 6 Apr 1896 when Marie Therese was 27, she married Guillaume DOTY dit William, son of John DOTY & Anne AMIRAULT.

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