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Letter from LaTour to the King

Census - 1671
Census - 1686
Census - 1693
Census - 1698
Census - 1700
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Acadians Deported at Grand-Pre

Bailly and Bourg 1768-1773
Jean Mandé Sigogne 1799-1801

If you are familiar with Sigogne's records you will notice that the following have notes included. Those indentified with (**) are my reference notes from my own data base which are used to cross reference his material and confirm or question some of his entries. I decided to leave "some" of my notes in and you should quickly understand the methology used...those with (*) are notes which were added "after" Sigogne into the "original" documents...

Sigogne's Census - 1818-1823
Sigogne's Census - 1823-1829
Sigogne's Census - 1840-1844

The following records took approximately two years to research and compile... having to go through thousands of entries one at a time to isolate those specific to Baie Sainte-Marie. These records have never previously been made public in a compiled format until now...this is my small gift in return to those who have spend their own time researching and who's work has helped me in my own historical and genealogical interests...hope you find them of some use...-Lloyd

Baie Sainte-Marie - Marriages
Baie Sainte-Marie - Births
Baie Sainte-Marie - Burials

You've asked for them...well here they are...the Parish Church Records of 1799 - 1841 for Pubnico...Ste.-Anne du Ruisseau... Tusket...Argyle...etc. You may notice that I have left a few of my own notes in them...you may ignore them if you wish. I do not accept any responsibility for any errors or ommissions in these records and you should use them simply as guides...and verify any data you locate against the "originals"...enjoy...

Parish Church Records - Marriages
Parish Church Records - Births / Baptisms A-L
Parish Church Records - Births / Baptisms M-Z
Parish Church Records - Burials

The following are the Parish Church Records of 1849 - 1907 from Saint-Vincent de Paul Parish in Salmon River, Digby County, Nova Scotia. I've added these as I've found them to contain more family links between Clare and the Pubnicos...Tusket...Ste.-Anne-du-Ruisseau...Amirault Hill...etc. then any other of the local church records from the Baie Sainte-Marie area. One thing I should mention...many of the entries in these records were written in Latin...or whatever the priests seem to think sounded like Latin since a number of the entries for the same individuals are spelled differently...and it will take a bit of practice to get the hang of it. I have left "some" of my own notes and they can be used as "guides" if so desired. As always...if you find anything of interest...verify the information with the originals and against some other reliable source.

Parish Church Records - Births / Baptisms A - G
Parish Church Records - Births / Baptisms H-Z
Parish Church Records - Marriages
Parish Church Records - Burials