Memories in Music

The following songs are here by request and are in fully enhanced stereo. I avoided using any of these type of files at other locations on this site basically for the main reason not everyone has RealPlayer on their system...also because the lastest versions of RealPlayer are not as reliable as the original versions. I normally would have used hyper linking rather than the downloading method which is slower and time consuming...or streaming which is at times unpredictable...however...with new and faster systems being used I decided to utilized downloading. Downloading will vary from approximately 6 secs to 60 secs depending on the system speed of your unit.

So let's go back where the sands of time of yesterday are the memories of today...

Turn your speakers up...your bass dial to MAX...
or click on your subwoofer if you have one...

I Am A Rock
When We Make Love
Unchained Melody
What in the World
I Had Your Love On The Tips Of My Fingers
It's Only Make Believe
Hello Darling
Rock and Roll is Here to Stay
The Lion Sleeps Tonight
When a Man Loves a Woman
Amazing Grace
Pour Les Bon Temps - {only partial and here under protest}

This is a site.
To hear the full enhanced audio/stereo on this site you require at least RealPlayer 3.0
Download the latest version HERE for FREE...

This is an site.
Download the latest version HERE for FREE...