The Reluctant Warrior

Demons from the darkness emerge with them images of past deeds they bring
Faces flash grotesque smiles as songs of past deeds they sing
The bastille walls of slumber...the demons breach to torment without shame
Endless pain forced to look into the eyes of yet another faceless name...

The reluctant warrior lives no more as he has seen fifty summers plus four
As the winter of his life nears he prays for peace in his heart once more
Born to be....he never was the youth he should have been
Two lives he with God by his side...the other the world would judge as sin...

Searching the abyss of the unknown...the truth will never be told
His last breath left to morn...he will embrace lost comrades all with a darkened soul
Why must he end his days living in his private hell for what he has done
Yet proud he has help to make this world safer for your daughter and son...

- Written for all the reluctant warriors who were yet never existed