11 September 2001

Young Matthew...the grandson of a dear Acadian friend from Maine is symbolic of the priceless treasures we have to protect at all cost. On Tuesday...September 11, 2001 many innocent children lost the most precious part of their tiny world...their mom or dad...in some cases both. As Acadians we can in some respect relate to the sudden and tragic event which occurred...the end of family units as they knew it. We cannot see their tears...we cannot feel the pain they are feeling in their hearts...we cannot explain to them why their mom or dad will never return to hold them in their arms...and they will never hear the prayers and see the tears we shed for them. No child should have to endure and experience what these innocent little children are going through today. This was not simply an act of aggression against the United States...it was an act of aggression against all of us. Hostile acts like these have to be brought to an end...failure is not an option.

For those who are doing want has to be done...be safe

Many a men live their lives seeking fortune and fame
Creating their own kingdom wishing the world to know their name
To be honoured for every simple deed they have ever done
Always for themselves...never for everyone...

There are some in this world which people will never know
They live to serve and protect...yet the pain of helplessness they feel so
Working in the "shadows" their lives are not their own
They are there to protect from the unseen dangers which may well have been sowed...

Gentle men and women in the eyes of those they know
Mothers...fathers...lovers...they watch their families grow
Yet called to serve in a manner which God may frown upon
To do whatever is required to see that the danger is gone...

They pray for forgiveness for the deeds they may have done
Seeking a safer world for all the daughters and sons
And for those times when some of them have come near to being laid to rest
Unknown to most in this world....thank God for units such as the Canadian "JTF"...