Words are at times for me but whispers from my heart
They are but thoughts from my soul which I've felt from the start
Feelings which I rarely share for they are mine alone
For someone like you for the caring you have shown...

When the winds of time changes and our blue skies turn to gray
As we pursue our own lives and as we remember a very special day
The gentle words spoken as we sat by the campfire tonight
The sweet aroma of the burning hemlock...the fire's enchanting light...

Echos of your thoughts in your eyes I could see
For we both had our own lives and one of us was not free
Yet you reached inside me and touched my very soul
My inner most feelings you awakened and my heart I no longer could control...

In the dim glow of the campfire your form I could see
As you reached out your hand and offered yourself to me
And as the passion became as heated as the fiery sun
We were no longer two...our hearts and souls had become one...