Eighth Generation (Continued)

Family of William Albert d'ENTREMONT dit William "B" (677) & Barbara Agnes AMIRAULT (987)

978. Etta d'ENTREMONT, 6G Granddaughter. 
Etta died in infancy.

979. Lucille Barbara d'ENTREMONT, 6G Granddaughter. 
Born on 15 Dec 1922, Lucille Barbara married Bernard d'ENTREMONT, son of Francois d'ENTREMONT dit Frank & Margaret AMIRAULT dit Maggie.

980. Gerald Agapit d'ENTREMONT, 6G Grandson. 
Born on 4 Nov 1917,  Gerald Agapit died in Yarmouth Regional Hospital on 20 May 2000, and was buried on 23 May 2000 in Middle West Pubnico. He was 82. 

Gerald Agapit married Lucille Marie Therese d'EON, daughter of Charles Eustache DUON dit Comer & Therese d'ENTREMONT.

981. Ivan d'ENTREMONT, 6G Grandson. 
Born on 17 May 1909.

Ivan married Clara Marie d'EON, daughter of William Albert DUON dit Pippium & Francoise Anita d'ENTREMONT.  Clara Marie died on 1 Sep 1996 at the Villa St. Joseph du Lac, Dayton, Yarmouth Co., NS.

982. Stanley Albert d'ENTREMONT dit Stan aka Stanislaus , 6G Grandson. 
Born on 18 Dec 1911 in Lower West Pubnico, Yarmouth Co. NS.

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On 9 Feb 1943 when Stanley Albert was 31, he first married Emilia LOMBARD (1025) , 6G Granddaughter, daughter of Willie LOMBARD (~1885-1979) & Alma d'ENTREMONT (974) (1885-1942), in Dartmouth, Halifax Co., Nova Scotia.

They had the following children:
1031 i. Eileen Marie Barbara
1032 ii. Lloyd Francois
1033 iii. Eric Albert

Stanley Albert second married Anne Marie STEHELIN, daughter of ( Major ) Emile STEHELIN & Anne BALDWIN of the STEHELIN's of New France fame from the book by uncle Paul..."The Electric City".

983. Lloyd Francois d'ENTREMONT dit Pere Lloyd, 6G Grandson. 
Born on 5 Dec 1907 in Lower West Pubnico, Yarmouth Co. NS. Lloyd Francois died **** in cemetery at St. Peter's Church in Middle West Pubnico, Yarmouth Co. NS on 5 Jun 1971, he was 63. His occupation: Priest.

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984. Marie Alice d'ENTREMONT dit Mamie, 6G Granddaughter. 
Born about 1906,  Marie Alice died on 25 Jul 1942, she was 36 and had never beed married.

985. Luella Marie d'ENTREMONT, 6G Granddaughter. 
Born about 1904,  Luella Marie died on 28 Jan 1990, she was 86. (Argus article states that Luella Marie died 2 August 1990...I will have to recheck our family documents to verify...article may be correct - LFD)

Luella Marie married Eldridge d'ENTREMONT (976) , 6G Grandson, son of Joseph Francois d'ENTREMONT (673) & Anne (or Marie) Madeleine d'ENTREMONT (708).

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