Ninth Generation

Family of Alma d'ENTREMONT (974) & Willie LOMBARD

1025. Emilia LOMBARD, 6G Granddaughter.

On 9 Feb 1943 Emilia married Stanley Albert d'ENTREMONT dit Stan aka Stanislaus (982) , 6G Grandson, son of William Albert d'ENTREMONT dit William "B" (677) (1865-1937) & Barbara Agnes AMIRAULT (987) (1880-1972), in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.  Stan was born on 18 Dec 1911 in Lower West Pubnico, Yarmouth Co. NS.

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They had the following children:
1031 i. Eileen Marie Barbara
1032 ii. Lloyd Francois
1033 iii. Eric Albert

1026. Joseph Cyriac LOMBARD, 6G Grandson.

1027. Gilbert LOMBARD, 6G Grandson.

1028. Edna LOMBARD, 6G Granddaughter.

1029. Gerald LOMBARD, 6G Grandson.

1030. Nelson LOMBARD, 6G Grandson.

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